Saturday, December 5, 2009


Lucy has been eating organic jarred baby food for about 2 months now, so now at 8 months of age she's pretty much a pro at this pureed stuff and eats most everything I give her. I have found that she has one dislike (green beans, I so totally don't blame her) and one upset stomach (squash with corn). She's not a messy eater and will tell me when she's hungry by putting her fingers up to her mouth and then tells me she's done by shaking her head "no".

Now that she's comfortable with eating these solids I'm going to have her start eating what we have for dinner. On tonight's menu we have seared halibut in a white wine/butter/lemon sauce, potatoes au gratin and mashed avocado from our salad. I plan on cutting up small pieces of the fish and potatoes so she can start to self feed. I've given her "puffs" which my husband calls "Doritos for babies" and she loves to pick up the little pieces and put them in her mouth by herself, so I'm thinking she's ready for this next step of eating. She did try truffle french fries at Stark's restaurant yesterday for the first time, only the finest gourmet baby eating for Lulu!

My next plan of action is to start weaning her off the bottle, so by the time she's about 1 she will only use sippy cups, or at least I'm going to try I'm not going to force her. So now at dinner she will get her milk in a sippy cup instead of her bottle, then after a month of getting used to that I'll have her use the sippy cup twice a day, etc.

I'm also going to be introducing her to a "potty" as soon as she starts walking... I'll be posting a lot about that in the future.

Then I'm researching colleges... ;)


  1. The BEAR! So cute! I want to see these puffs; can you bring some next time you come? Love the blog and the pics, more more more!

    By the way, it looks like you have your word verification thingie on...*hate*.

  2. Cutest baby in the WORLD! Keep it up! More blogging!