Saturday, December 19, 2009


Keeping up on this blog is a little hard right now with the holidays right around the corner.

But I just wanted to post a quick update on eating new finger foods... I have to say that she is my daughter (in case anyone was wondering ha)... we were just snaking on cheddar cheese and she loved it! This is so great, I love eating with her. She's going to have some avocado and tofu later for dinner. I keep forgetting to give her the sippy cup, but I will remember tonight!

She also has her right top front tooth almost poking through, I'll bet in the morning it will have cut through. I tell her each day that she's growing up too fast!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

1st attempt

I realized last night that giving Lulu our dinner on the same night won't work out because we eat late (8ish) and she eats early (6ish) so she had her regular jarred baby food (pasta dinner, yum!) last night and I saved a little bit of the incredibly delicious Halibut I made and mixed that in with the potatoes for her dinner this evening. She was definitely hesitant eating this new food with it having much more flavor than she's used to and she liked the avocado better than the fish/potatoes but she ate it! YAY! She also liked grabbing the spoon from me and would pretend to feed me which was super cute.

I forgot to give her her sippy cup, I know I fail as a mom. Somehow this will come back and bite me in the ass. (Harvard is out!) ;)

Our day was a little bit out of routine today because Jason and I had to do a bit of shopping and not wanting to parade Lulu around town we took her over to her Nana and Big Poppa D's for the afternoon. A little alone time with my husband was wonderful, we had lunch at a new restaurant, I had a horrible caesar salad and vow to never return to this restaurant again but regardless of all this, the time with Jason was so much fun. We were on that great same level of happiness and humor making each other laugh the whole afternoon.

Side note: After lunch we walked down to the Last Day Saloon and purchased tickets to see Bob Schneider on the 17th. I'm so excited he's playing there, it's such a small venue and he's one of the coolest artists I've seen live.

Then we were off to find a carpet/rug situation for our downstairs tile problem. Problem solved! At a large carpet store we were able to get a large enough rug that was relatively cheap, considering the fact that this is a temporary situation we didn't want to spend a lot. We love what we got and now have a nice cozy area downstairs for the bear to play on.

Target... target.. target... I love love target but not in the month of December. It was jammed packed with people that should just stay home. Seriously don't go out if you don't know how to drive, park, shop, etc. Stay home. We were only really going for personal stuff (clothes) for me and so this wasn't particularly Jason's idea of fun but I was quick and got Lu another
Christmas present (spoiled baby!!).

We were then off to N & D's house to get the bear, they all had lots of fun as always! But she missed out on her afternoon nap, only a 30 minute nap in the car ride home, so we had a cranky bear for the rest of our evening. She just went down for the night about 20 minutes ago and it's Daddy's night to feed her if she wakes so I'm okay with her early bedtime. ;)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Lucy has been eating organic jarred baby food for about 2 months now, so now at 8 months of age she's pretty much a pro at this pureed stuff and eats most everything I give her. I have found that she has one dislike (green beans, I so totally don't blame her) and one upset stomach (squash with corn). She's not a messy eater and will tell me when she's hungry by putting her fingers up to her mouth and then tells me she's done by shaking her head "no".

Now that she's comfortable with eating these solids I'm going to have her start eating what we have for dinner. On tonight's menu we have seared halibut in a white wine/butter/lemon sauce, potatoes au gratin and mashed avocado from our salad. I plan on cutting up small pieces of the fish and potatoes so she can start to self feed. I've given her "puffs" which my husband calls "Doritos for babies" and she loves to pick up the little pieces and put them in her mouth by herself, so I'm thinking she's ready for this next step of eating. She did try truffle french fries at Stark's restaurant yesterday for the first time, only the finest gourmet baby eating for Lulu!

My next plan of action is to start weaning her off the bottle, so by the time she's about 1 she will only use sippy cups, or at least I'm going to try I'm not going to force her. So now at dinner she will get her milk in a sippy cup instead of her bottle, then after a month of getting used to that I'll have her use the sippy cup twice a day, etc.

I'm also going to be introducing her to a "potty" as soon as she starts walking... I'll be posting a lot about that in the future.

Then I'm researching colleges... ;)