Saturday, December 19, 2009


Keeping up on this blog is a little hard right now with the holidays right around the corner.

But I just wanted to post a quick update on eating new finger foods... I have to say that she is my daughter (in case anyone was wondering ha)... we were just snaking on cheddar cheese and she loved it! This is so great, I love eating with her. She's going to have some avocado and tofu later for dinner. I keep forgetting to give her the sippy cup, but I will remember tonight!

She also has her right top front tooth almost poking through, I'll bet in the morning it will have cut through. I tell her each day that she's growing up too fast!


  1. she's eating cheese?? And avocado??? O_o

    Wow, she's growing up waaaay fast!

  2. Yeah... she loves cheese. Last night she had some cheese, banana (which she refused to eat after the first bite... although loves it pureed) and lentils & rice.